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Business that partner with Doover are able to increase their revenue by expanding their product offering with remote control and monitoring. The following are business that have done just that.


For over 25 years, Irritek has been supplying high-quality water infrastructure across Australia. Irritek are leaders in high-volume water infrastructure.

Using Doover, Irritek have launched their own connected service ‘Irritek Remote’ for remote control and monitoring of pump stations, channel gates and water meters.

Radicle Ag wanted to transform their industrial composting operation, from a traditional windrowing system to an automated, aerated floor system – powered by Doover.

Its success has seen Radicle commercialise this system into the HEAPS composting system – All powered by Doover.

Marellan produce an elite herd of tropically adapted shorthorn cattle.

Doover for remote water monitoring is cheaper than the competition – which means more water points monitored.

Doover is an open ecosystem, so more options for the future, including cattle tracking, solar pump control and cameras

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